Newsletter - Kempsey Macleay Valley U3A 2018 Term 1

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Page updated 16/03/2018

NOTE: You can now download the U3A Network NSW state newsletter "Newslink" at the link below.

Click on the link below to open the Current Newsletter You may then read it, save it and/ or print it.

To save or print a PDF file
Once you click on the link on this page the required document (PDF file) is opened in a PDF Reader on your machine. This make take some time depending on which type your computer is and the speed of your internet connection as well as the size of the download.
Once downloaded the file can be read and shut down or you can save it and or print it. Saving the file means it can be reopened without having to download it again. Save the file as you would normally do so using the save icon or via the file menu.

The print dialogue box can be accessed via the file menu or by right clicking on a bare space.
You do not have to print the whole document. In the print dialogue box is a section PAGES TO PRINT There you can specify whether to print ALL , CURRENT PAGE or PAGES. You can then specify the page numbers you want to print.

Pages such as the timetable can be rotated for easier reading. Depending on which version of PDF viewer program you are using, go to VIEW and click on ROTATE. Some versions do not have VIEW but use two arrows (>>) instead.

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